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One Act play for Parkinson’s disease
 by Despina Karamitsou

The Brain is walking back and forth holding a glass of whiskey. The Heart enters the scene. She is looking for him.
HEART: Clubbing again? What are you doing up at this time of night?
BRAIN: Insomnia ...
HEART: The melon is to blame. The stomach has been having difficulties digesting it. You should have given it a satiety signal long ago. What were you thinking?
BRAIN: Loneliness is to blame!
HEART: What’s the matter? Why are you drinking?
BRAIN: Haven’t you heard?
HEART: I heard something but I did not want to believe it.
BRAIN: Everyone heard about the fight of substantia nigra neurons and the little hormone. They’ve been talking about it.
HEART: It's true, then? Minnie has left us?
BRAIN: Eh hm…Three days ago.
HEART: Do not despair. Maybe she’ll come back.
BRAIN: Not a chance.
HEART: All the other times she just left for a while but she always came back.
BRAIN: This time she really seemed determined. She always wanted to become famous. “One day everyone will be talking about me”, she said and left. She slammed the door in my  face.
HEART: Seriously?
BRAIN: “All the medical journals will have articles about me. Minnie the famous dopamine hormone, such a fabulous diva!”, she shouted at me as she was leaving.
HEART: Really!
BRAIN: My heart is broken.
HEART: Do not exaggerate! I, I feel fine! It is you who have lost your mind ... Come round before it is too late. If you go on like this your blood pressure will rise. Believe me, you don’t want to have a stroke. I have no desire to find myself in intensive care stuffed with tubes and serums. You know I detest hospitals.
BRAIN: Aah! I thought nothing was amiss, I always pampered her. What will I do now without her? I wish I knew who talked her into this.
HEART: She had always been immature. Addicted to euphoria  and pleasures ... Don’t you remember when we had gone to Loutraki for the holidays? She wouldn’t do anything else but linger in the casino! She was either playing cards or gambling. We had such a hard time dragging her away from the slot machines and the roulette.
BRAIN: How can I forget! I know exactly how much her tastes cost me.
HEART: Whatever you say you are right. She was spoiled. When she went on a shopping spree nothing would stop her.
BRAIN: She was the apple of my eye. Her wish was my command.
HEART: She knew that. That’s why she took advantage of you. The crime, however, must have been premeditated for a long time. How come you didn’t smell the rat?
BRAIN: Because, first of all, she short-circuited my sense of smell. I lost almost all sense of smell. I could smell neither fried meatballs nor sweaty armpits inside buses.
HEART: This explains why you didn’t smell anything fishy.
BRAIN: She was certainly behaving a bit strange lately.
HEART: Hmm. What else can you expect from those hormones?
BRAIN: All the time she kept complaining that she was feeling tired. She had no appetite for anything.
HEART: Hard to believe. She was full of energy all the time. Where there was a party she was the first one there. Not to mention her performance elsewhere ... (winking and nodding meaningfully)
BRAIN: I did not pay much attention. I thought it would pass.
HEART: How on earth could you have known…
BRAIN: I was very busy. I took no notice. I had so many other worries.
HEART: Are you pulling my leg?  I have to work even when you sleep ...
BRAIN: Do not open old wounds. I haven’t slept for three days ...
HEART: You definitely need some rest.
BRAIN: Tell me about it.
HEART: You’ve been dragging yourself all day long. Have you seen a doctor yet?
BRAIN: I have an appointment on Monday. I will have a DAT-scan. Although I do not think that it will shed any light into our case.
HEART: You never know! Remember our neighbor Katy? She had Multiple Sclerosis.
BRAIN: You are right again! We hear so much every day! Tumors, sarcomas and I don’t know what else. God help us.
HEART: And don’t forget to do some blood tests too. Just to see what’s happening with the other hormones. They must also be upset too. How could they not be?  They have been so close for years…
BRAIN: To tell you the truth, Serotonin can’t get over it.
HEART: Well, all these years ... they were best friends! Practically inseparable!
BRAIN: She hasn’t eaten anything since.
HEART: Nothing to worry about. Give her a little bit of chocolate and see what happens... Chocolate does wonders in such cases.
BRAIN: What concerns me the most is that no one obeys my commands any more.
HEART: What do you mean?
BRAIN: Don’t you remember? Two days ago we went to the supermarket, how I struggled to convince my hands to work together?
HEART: Ah! Yes! It took them ages to put things in the shopping bags.
BRAIN: And the worst happened when the cashier left the change on the counter.
HEART: So many fingers and not a single one caught a coin!
BRAIN: I became a laughing stock.
HEART: Come on, do not think about it.
BRAIN: How can I not? I can’t even get dressed on my own ... it is a nightmare to do the buttons of my shirt. Minnie could do that for me in a second. And she tied my tie perfectly.
HEART: You will find a solution, do not fret. Listen to your heart, I know what I am talking about.
BRAIN: I've lost my mind. I can no longer even think or write clearly.
HEART: Nonsense. You have always been a scribbler. I remember that since elementary school.
BRAIN: And then I'm easily distracted, I forget things.
HEART: It is the shock of abandonment. You have not accepted her absence yet. Put it in your head, she is not coming back. You must adapt to the new situation. Why not go for a walk by the beach to keep your mind from thinking about her?
BRAIN: Are you kidding? I am telling you I cannot lift my feet!
HEART: Hey! Do not shout at me! They tampered with your nerves, you know? Why don’t you put some music on and try to relax.
BRAIN: Good idea!

Puts radio on with classical music
BRAIN: I am so very tired. (He yawns.)Sorry I shouted at you. I am sooo sleepy.
And he falls asleep. The Heart covers him with a blanket tenderly.
HEART: Finally, he fell asleep. Poor guy! He needed a rest. Minnie’s running away left him such a wreck. The mindless little hormone, what was she thinking? That her absence would cause bigger hype than heart attacks or cancer? (knocking wood) away from here .. of course she always envied the greatness of insulin. Diabetes has become  pandemic nowadays. (knocking wood). It’s all over the news. We must all make a decision and adapt.  Let’s create an action plan.
(The Heart opens a laptop and takes paper and pencil and writes while the music plays softly and lights darken. The Brain stirs and wakes up,  yawns and stretches)
HEART: You woke up already! It has just dawned, snooze a little. It is Sunday. You have no obligations.
BRAIN: I did not sleep well at all. I had nightmares all night. Now, in the morning I saw Minnie in my dream. She was with James and they were talking about me.
HEART:  James who? James Bond?
BRAIN: No, eh, the other one, the doctor.
HEART: The Englishman?
BRAIN: Yes, him! I forget his last name. I haven’t had coffee yet. I can’t function without coffee.
HEART: Are you talking about James Parkinson?
BRAIN: That’s the guy!
HEART: Well, hasn’t he died from a stroke?
BRAIN: That’s completely irrelevant. Minnie admired him so much. She was fascinated by his personality. She kept talking about him. How he was in favor of the weak and showed excessive zeal for poor people’s health.
HEART: I do not understand! What does all this have to do with your own situation?
BRAIN: Everything! Some two hundred years ago, he was the one who published a study on “the shaking palsy” which much later scientists discovered was due to a lack of dopamine. And that, my dear, is exactly what is happening to me!
HEART: This explains how she came to think of running away like that.
BRAIN: No one so far has found the reason that makes dopamine disappear and no one has managed to bring her back.
HEART: Not even drugs?
BRAIN: Unfortunately, medicines only work for a while, not for all the symptoms. Not to mention the side effects they have on the body.
HEART: That is another unsolved case then?
BRAIN: The ‘black box’ of neurology…
HEART: What if we hire a detective to find her and bring her back by force?
BRAIN:  You have such a wild imagination. These things happen in fairytales.
HEART: Well then! Good riddance and best wishes to her. May she live happily ever after. We are here to see what we can do. And put something on you. You are all shaking because of the cold.
BRAIN: Could you make some coffee first? I just need it to open my eyes.
HEART: With all my heart.
(The heart brings the cups of coffee)
HEART: Here you are! I brought some cinnamon cookies too. You have to put something in your mouth.
BRAIN: Cheers! To our health!
HEART: Now you are talking right! This is what matters. If we are well so will all the rest of the organs.
BRAIN: Let's see what the doctor will say on Monday. I am not very optimistic. I kmow the drill. Answering a long questionnaire, walking bent over, up and down, on tiptoe, with your arms glued to the ribs and the doctor raises his hands up and speaks some gobbledygook:
'It might be an extrapyramidal disorder'
And you think about the relationship between the pyramids and your problem and you start wondering whether you need to make any excavations.
HEART: Or maybe that you’ve made a mistake and you're in a mathematician’s office.
BRAIN: Then starts a round of tests to rule out other diseases.
HEART: A little mystery is the spice of life.
BRAIN: To continue with MRI scans and DAT-scans.
HEART: And where do we end up?
BRAIN: Exactly where we started ... the clinical examination.
HEART: You must be jogging!
BRAIN: Not at all! “You are suffering from Parkinson's disease, you have nothing else.” That is the conclusion.
HEART: Eh! It is not a death sentence.
BRAIN: But it is a daily struggle! That everyone experiences differently.
HEART: Do not get overwhelmed! Think positively.
BRAIN: I'm trying, but it's not easy. When you know that it is a slowly progressive disorder of the central nervous system.
HEART: Try not to worry, everything will be fine. We will find ways to treat it. I will be by your side. I won’t let you feel depressed.
BRAIN: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
HEART: Don’t mention it. You will become as good as new, I'm sure! Have you not heard what they say about the power of the mind?
BRAIN: If it weren’t for you…, you give me so much courage ...
HEART: Come on, stop or I will start crying ... you know how impressionable I am. Are you trying to make me beat faster?
BRAIN: No, no ...  God forbid! Do not say that! It is you who supports us all, you give us life.
HEART: Yes, but without you, we are but a vegetable. It is you who gives meaning to our existence. Some diseases occur in the brain, well, I’m telling you again and again that the mind will heal them.
BRAIN: So, you are telling me, that I will be the doctor of myself!
HEART: This is exactly what I saying. Just look here, I have devised a plan.
(And shows him the paper she wrote. He reads it)
BRAIN: Well, you thought of all this? I’m impressed!
HEART: Huh, what’s the Internet for? I did my research while you were asleep. Apart from drugs or surgery there are alternative treatments, physiotherapy, fitness programs, dance, art and music therapy approaches.
BRAIN: Self-awareness through movement and functional integration!
HEART: We will travel to other places, we will open new horizons!
BRAIN: We will explore our senses!
HEART: And we will change the way we think.
BRAIN: We shall live for the moment and not worry about the future.
HEART: Now tell me, what would you like to do together?
BRAIN: to talk frankly
HEART: to laugh loudly
BRAIN: to lie down on the sand
HEART: to swim in the sea
BRAIN: to write poems
HEART: to read stories
BRAIN: to paint with brushes
HEART: to dance madly
BRAIN: to sleep late
HEART: to wake up early
BRAIN: to sail away
HEART: to love truly
BRAIN: to live every moment
HEART: Our motto will be “I can do it”
BRAIN: Without her.

HEART And BRAIN: (to the audience) CAN YOU?

World Parkinson Day 11th April


1.     Use the ad poster created for the play to speculate what the play will be about. (Before reading task)
2.     Ask students what they know about PD. Do they know anyone who suffers from PD?          If yes, then, what are some common misconceptions about people who suffer from PD? (Before reading task)
3.     Use WITHOUT HER as readers’ theatre script in class or perform it (drama)
4.     Scan the script, find all the idiomatic phrases in English and write the equivalent in your mother tongue. (translation)
5.     Identify the funny parts in the script and vote for the funniest. (language)
6.     Mix up a part of the conversation and ask students to unscramble it. (language)
7.     Compare the “personality” of the Brain to that of the Heart. (comparisons)
8.     Be The Director of the play: Add your own stage directions, suggest costumes and furniture that can be used on the stage. Propose movements or gestures to accompany the roles. (drama)
9.     Find out more about the symptoms of PD or the treatment.
Which non motor symptoms may appear years before motor symptoms?
Does PD affect all ages? What makes this disease unique? Do all patients have the same symptoms? (research)
10.   A visit to the doctor (roleplay)
Brainstorm which symptoms show us that something is wrong with our health.
Write each symptom on a slip of paper and put all slips in a bag. One student can be the patient and randomly chooses 3 slips before going to the doctor. The second student can be the doctor who will try to find the diagnosis.
11.   Find out about the patient’s feelings after receiving a diagnosis. Give advice on how to overcome negative feelings. (language)
12.   Read a blog entry and write comments (reading + writing)
Life with Parkie and Without Her: Compare the story to the play
13.   Who is James Parkinson? Biography (reading comprehension)
14.   What do Michael Fox and Mohamed Ali have in common? (research-problem solving)
Which famous people suffer from PD?
15.   A red tulip: find out how it became the symbol of PD (research)
16.   Find out about PD associations and their work. (research)
17.   Life hacks for people with PD TED talk. (listening)

18.   Make an awareness poster for PD day (creativity)
19.   Give the students a list of symptoms and ask them to find out the disease using the Symptom Checker website. (research-problem solving)
20.   Unexpected Twist Poem (literature) Read, analyse and discuss twists in life and ways we react
to them.

I don’t know what I would have done if this had happened to me
At the dawn of my life
I don’t know how I would have felt
If the bubbles kept bursting one after the other
If my dreams had been drowned in the waves of despair
If I had felt that push in the dark, that slap in the face, that stab in the back
But I do know
You are a strong girl
With a sensitive soul
And a caring nature
I do know you are scared of what the future holds for you
With your big brown watery eyes
Looking down into the dark alley
Searching for answers
Desperately reaching for help
But your thoughts are blowing away
Like feathers in the wind
I have been in your shoes
Not so long ago
So I can tell you
You can still have goals
You can still experience the wonder of life
Have a taste of the sweet moments
And a taste of the bitter truths
You can still mix salty tears
With sour-sweet laughs
Do not worry what others think
Just follow the path
God is revealing to you
Everyone’s different
Especially you
With your long curly hair
And your great gift
To make people happy
So try walking through life
Holding your head up high
 And with your hands open
So you can catch
The snowflakes and the rain
The wind kisses and the sunny rays
Your journey will be challenging
Full of surprises and more unexpected twists
And that’s what makes it worth living.


My  life with Parkie speech (reading comprehension)

Life with Parkie
I will try to share with you my own experiences in a different way. I will tell you a true story that happened a few years ago.
One morning a few years ago, I had an unwelcome visitor. You know, the kind of person who quickly changes mood and begins to complain and then loads her problems on you and although you are trying to find a solution for her, she herself does not try at all and continues to whine. I thought she would leave soon but she had different plans. She never meant to leave and hospitality pretty soon turned into cohabitation. Fortunately, the house is spacious and has room for us all.
Of course, as with any roommate, your life changes drastically. To survive you must adapt to the whims of your roommate. In my case, I had to make major adjustments. My family, frankly, do not understand how I tolerate her. They admire my patience. I will explain why.
Sometimes, she does not let me sleep at night. She likes to stay up late with no reason whatsoever and wanders around the house dragging her slippers, so in the morning I can’t help but feel tired and sleepy and cannot take a single step.
And as if this is not enough, she is also terribly lazy. Moving slowly, so slowly that sometimes she reminds me of an astronaut living in space. She is a couch potato who wanders from one couch to another watching TV or surfing the Internet. Another friend has nicknamed her "the corpse" and asks me whether or not she has stunk yet.
Ahh! Now I said "stunk" I remembered about another one of her defects. One day she almost set fire to the house. I had put dinner in the oven and had just started to tidy up the clutter that she always leaves behind her when I realized that the house was filled with smoke. Weird thing ... This girl has no sense of smell at all.
Her quirks are endless. Such a slender young girl and I've never seen her in high heels. She is always wearing flats or trainers. And although I beg her to wear some feminine blouses or cute shirts, she claims that she is too clumsy to do the buttons and opts for t-shirts and tights instead.
The worst is that she is moody and unsociable. She does not want to hang out with friends. She often gets irritated or complains that they do not understand her.  She sulks and remains silent and when she speaks her hoarse voice is barely heard. If you let her do her own thing and keep you in the house, you are in trouble. You will feel blue and depressed in no time.
Her favourite game is ‘hide and seek’ and does not care about anything else. But ‘hide and seek’ is not my favourite game. In fact, I think that it is boring. I like other things. I enjoy going to work every day, travelling to unknown places, and meeting people. I love the sun, the sea, the little fish tavern on the beach. Paintbrushes and tube paints keep me company for hours. Pen and paper are my best friends. My artistic and literary explorations never stop. The family moments and meetings with friends are precious for me.
So, I do not let her do what she wishes. I have other plans. Whether she likes it or not, she has to wake up early, exercise and come with me to work. In the afternoon she will help with other obligations. We may be a little slow, but so we can enjoy a few more things that go unnoticed for those who are in a rush. I have discovered corners in our town which I had no idea existed. The food, now, is a pleasure that lasts far longer and getting dressed is now a whole ritual. I never wear whatever I find in the closet as I used to. And when I sleep, she falls asleep as well and we see the same dreams and the same nightmares.
When we go shopping we are both extremely happy. We usually pay using a credit card. You see, she gets upset handling coins. Sometimes they fall off her hand; sometimes she does not have enough or cannot reach them down in the bottom of the bag.
The truth is that I sometimes neglect her. When I start to paint or write I forget about her completely. Then, I do not know where she disappears, where she hides herself... She must be feeling terribly lonely.
I think it's time to reveal her name if by now you haven’t guessed it. Parkinson's disease (affectionately called Parkie) came into my life to stay, like an unwanted friend who appears without notice, suddenly not for a visit but for permanent cohabitation. Four years ago, I discovered that I suffer from this unique and simultaneously increasingly common condition with multiple and different symptoms and unknown cause, an unpredictable, progressive disease without effective treatment. I hope everything and fear nothing. There are always ways to facilitate our lives. From the special glass or cup that is designed not to pour the drink to the wheelchair, everything is designed to restore our freedom and movement and not to cripple us as many mistakenly believe.
Living with Parkie is always a great challenge. Mainly, because things that are simple and obvious now become a time consuming process. If you have such a roommate in your life I understand perfectly.
Do not let them, however, impose their own way of life and thinking. Above all, do not play hide and seek. Do not hide in the house, snuggled in a couch, in front of a screen. Set goals and sail to new destinations and explorations. Develop new interests and hobbies. Try things, meet people and make new friends. Love, laugh, travel and enjoy life like never before.

And if you notice that people stare at you, do not think that they do so out of curiosity or pity. Chances are that they look at you with admiration. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Think Teen   3rd Grade                        Junior High School
 Unit 1                                                What a wonderful world!

  1. though: όμως                                                     
  2. challenging: που αποτελεί πρόκληση
  3. although: αν και                                                 
  4. peace and quiet: γαλήνη & ησυχία                             
  5. risk: ριψοκινδυνεύω, κίνδυνος                          
  6. safe and sound: σώος & αβλαβής                      
  7. especially: ιδιαίτερα, ειδικά                               
  8. meals: γεύματα                                                   
  9. major  consideration: μεγαλύτερη σκέψη
  10. sick and tired: bored with, αυτός που βαριέται
  11. laze around: τεμπελιάζω
  12. take a tour: κάνω μια περιήγηση
  13. see the sights / go sightseeing: βλέπω τα αξιοθέατα
  14. sunbathe: κάνω ηλιοθεραπεία
  15. hang out: περιφέρομαι άσκοπα, βγαίνω έξω
  16. intend: σκοπεύω
  17. perhaps: ίσως
  18. on board: πάνω στο καράβι
  19. Mediterranean: Μεσόγειος
  20. bright and early: πολύ νωρίς το πρωί
  21. ocean breeze: η αύρα του ωκεανού
  22. in fact: στην πραγματικότητα
  23. I cant afford: Δεν έχω την οικονομική δυνατότητα
  24. bed and breakfast (hotel): είδος φθηνού ξενοδοχείου που παρέχει τα βασικά
  25. quality: ποιότητα
  26. hustle and bustle: θόρυβος & φασαρία
  27. rush: τρέχω γρήγορα
  28. preference: προτίμηση
  29. allow: επιτρέπω
  30. historical sights: ιστορικά αξιοθέατα
  31. the seven wonders of the world: Τα εφτά θαύματα του κόσμου
  32. cruise: κρουαζιέρα
  33. change my mind: αλλάζω γνώμη
  34. holiday brochure: διαφημιστικο φυλλάδιο για διακοπές
  35. out and about: ταξιδεύοντας
  36. first and foremost: πρωτα απόλα
  37. (every) now and then / at times : που και που, περιστασιακά
  38. behind the times / old fashioned: παλιομοδίτικος, ξεπερασμένος
  39. time and time again/ repeatedly: επανειλλημένα
  40. from time to time: μερικές φορές
  41. temple: ναός
  42. lighthouse: φάρος
  43. statue: άγαλμα
  44. pleased: ευχαριστημένος
  45. cloudy: συννεφιασμένος
  46. excited: ενθουσιασμένος
  47. tasteless: αυτός που δεν έχει γούστο, άγευστος
  48. chilly:  ψυχρός
  49. crowded: συνωστισμένος, με πολύ κόσμο
  50. disappointed: απογοητευμένος
  51. wet: βρεγμένος, υγρός
  52. brilliant: λαμπρός, υπέροχος
  53. loads of things to do: πολλά πράγματα να κάνεις
  54. traditional: παραδοσιακός

Unit 2                                                     Teen Idols

  1. idol: είδωλο
  2. gladiator: μονομάχος
  3. glory: δόξα
  4. entertainment: διασκέδαση, ψυχαγωγία
  5. in common with: κοινό με
  6. priest: ιερέας, παπάς
  7. against: ενάντια, εναντίον, κατά
  8. change my mind: αλλάζω γνώμη
  9. develop an interest: αποκτώ ενδιαφέρον
  10. develop: αναπτύσσω
  11. acting: ηθοποιία, υποκριτική
  12. actor/ actress: ο / η ηθοποιός
  13. support: υποστηρίζω, στηρίζω
  14. star: πρωταγωνιστώ
  15. engineering: μηχανολογία
  16. appear: εμφανίζομαι
  17. handsome: χαριτωμένος, ωραίος
  18. intelligent: έξυπνος
  19. cool: δροσερός, ήρεμος, ψύχραιμος
  20. respectful: γεμάτος σεβασμό, αξιοσέβαστος
  21. daring: τολμηρός
  22. determined: αποφασισμένος
  23. talkative: ομιλητικός
  24. daft: χαζός, αστείος, βλάκας
  25. silly: ανόητος
  26. loveable: αξιαγάπητος
  27. honest: τίμιος
  28. cruel: σκληρός
  29. kind: ευγενικός
  30. careless: απρόσεκτος
  31. heart surgery: εγχείριση καρδιάς
  32. participate: συμμετέχω
  33. community: κοινότητα
  34. effort: προσπάθεια
  35. passion: πάθος
  36. fame: δόξα
  37. fortune: περιουσία, τύχη
  38. stay focused: επιμένω στο στόχο μου, παραμένω συγκεντρωμένος
  39. chances: ευκαιρίες, πιθανότητες
  40. reject: απορρίπτω
  41. let fame go into my head: δεν με άλλαξε η δόξα
  42. regular: κανονικός
  43. things will work out: όλα θα γίνουν, θα τα καταφέρεις
  44. make up my mind: αποφασίζω
  45. stick with it: συνέχισε να κάνεις κάτι παρά τις δυσκολίες
  46. discourage: αποθαρρύνω
  47. keep at it: συνέχισε να κάνεις κάτι
  48. so far: μέχρι τώρα
  49. allow: επιτρέπω
  50. run out of: ξεμένω
  51. earn (money): κερδίζω χρήματα
  52. record: μουσικός δίσκος
  53. as far as I’ m concerned: όσον αφορά εμένα
  54. first of all: πρώτα απόλα
  55. furthermore: επιπλέον
  56. however: όμως, εντούτις
  57. in conclusion: συμπεραίνοντας
  58. traditional: παραδοσιακός
  59. fool: ξεγελώ, ανόητος
  60. overnight: μέσα σε μια νύχτα, ξαφνικά
  61. humble: ταπεινός

Unit 3                Thrills and Spills!                  Thth

1. Thrills and spills – ο ενθουσιασμός που προέρχεται από επικίνδυνες δραστηριότητες
2. wouldnt  mind + ing – δεν θα με πείραζε να
3. can’t stand + ing – δεν αντέχω 
4. scared of – φοβισμένος
5. wouldnt fancy – δεν θα μου άρεσε
6. avoid + ing – αποφεύγω
7. scary- κάτι που μας φοβίζει
8. sick – άρρωστος, σε κατάσταση ναυτίας
9. dizzy- ζαλισμένος
10. No way! –  αποκλείεται
11. engine – μηχανή
12. brakes – φρένα
13. roller coaster – τρενάκι σε λούνα παρκ
14. speed up – επιταχύνω
15. Slow down –
16. loop – κινούμαι σε κύκλους ή τόξα, περιστρέφομαι
17. upside down – ανάποδα
18. Laws of motions – Οι νόμοι της κίνησης
19. state – δηλώνω
20. force – δύναμη
21. equal – ίσος, όμοιος
22. opposite – αντίθετος
23. action reaction – δράση ≠ αντίδραση
24. object – αντικείμενο
25. at rest – σε αδράνεια
26. tend, tendency – τείνω, τάση
27. resist – αντιστέκομαι
28. inertia – αδράνεια
29. is applied – εφαρμόζεται
30. unbalanced force – ασύμμετρος, ανισόρροπος
31. accelerate – επιταχύνω
32. depends on – εξαρτάται
33. mass – μάζα
34. results in – έχει ως αποτέλεσμα
35. increase – αύξηση
36. potential / kinetic energy – δυναμική / κινητική ενέργεια
37. track – τροχιά, γραμμές
38. human being – ανθρώπινο ον
39. meeting point – σημείο συνάντησης
40. virtual reality – εικονική πραγματικότητα
41. bumper cars – συγκρουόμενα αυτοκίνητα
42. desperate –απελπισμένος, απεγνωσμένος
43. swing – κινούμαι ρυθμικά
44. white-knuckle experience – τρομακτική εμπειρία
45. get damaged – παθαίνω ζημιά
46. plenty of – πολλά
47. whole – ολόκληρος
48. afterwards – αμέσως μετά
49. browse – φυλλομετρώ, ξεφυλίζω
50. unique – μοναδικός
51. discount – έκπτωση
52. book in advance – κάνω κράτηση
53. it scares me to death – με φοβίζει πάρα πολύ
54. actually – στην πραγματικότητα

Unit 4                Click on-line!                      

  1. item – πράγμα, αντικείμενο
  2. gadget – μηχάνημα μικρό, επινόημα
  3. newspaper headlines – τίτλοι εφημερίδων
  4. safety tips – συμβουλές ασφαλείας
  5. triple - τριπλασιάζω, τριπλασιάζομαι
  6. nearly -σχεδόν
  7. have grown – έχουν μεγαλώσει, έχουν αναπτυχθεί
  8. over a three year period – σε μια περίοδο τριών χρόνων
  9. access- πρόσβαση
  10. as - καθώς
  11. more and more – όλο και περισσότερο
  12. population – πληθυσμός
  13. all sorts – όλα τα είδη
  14. connections – συνδέσεις, σχέσεις
  15. birth - γέννηση
  16. to each other – ο ένας στον άλλο
  17. comfort – άνεση
  18. whereas – ενώ
  19. adults - ενήλικες
  20. local events – τοπικά γεγονότα
  21. world news – παγκόσμιες ειδήσεις
  22. among - ανάμεσα
  23. rapidly – ραγδαία, γρήγορα
  24. commerce –εμπόριο
  25. steadily σταθερά
  26. Ι’m really fed up – έχω βαρεθεί, έχω μπουχτίσει
  27. he’s been driving me crazy – με εξαγριώνει
  28. it makes my blood boil – με εξοργίζει
  29. I’ve had enough – βαρέθηκα, μπούχτισα
  30. I see red – θυμώνω, εξαγριώνομαι
  31. it gets me down – μου προκαλεί μελαγχολία
  32. solution – λύση
  33. wrong impression - λάθος εντύπωση
  34. influence – affect - επηρεάζω
  35. has resulted in – έχει ως αποτέλεσμα
  36. advantage – πλεονέκτημα
  37. inventions – εφευρέσεις
  38. mass media – μέσα μαζικής ενημέρωσης
  39. behave – συμπεριφέρομαι
  40. social - κοινωνικός

Unit 5                                                                    The myths we live by

  1. civilization – πολιτισμός
  2. value – αξία
  3. belief- πίστη, δοξασία
  4. worry – ανησυχία
  5. expess – εκφράζω
  6. spiritual – πνευματικός
  7. intellectual - διαννοητικός, διαννοούμενος
  8. content – περιεχόμενο
  9. incorrectly – λανθασμένα, λάθος
  10. wings – φτερά
  11. melt – λιώνω
  12. fortune – τύχη, περιουσία
  13. consequences – συνέπειες
  14. fortune teller - αυτός που λέει τη μοίρα
  15. arise – προκύπτω
  16. goddess – θεά
  17. fertility – γονιμότητα
  18. sacred – ιερός
  19. kind – ευγενικός , καλός
  20. helpful – εξυπηρετικός
  21. human weaknesses – ανθρώπινες αδυναμίες
  22. superhuman beings – υπεράνθρωποι
  23. thunder – κεραυνός
  24. lightning – αστραπή
  25. powerful – δυνατός, πανίσχυρος
  26. mortal – θνητός
  27. protect – προστατεύω
  28. thunderstorm – καταιγίδα
  29. heaven – ουρανός
  30. chariot – άρμα
  31. hammer – σφυρί
  32. temper – διάθεση
  33. the oracle – το μαντείο, ιερός μάντης, χρησμός
  34. warn – προειδοποιώ
  35. adrift – άσκοπος, περιφερόμενος, έρμαιο
  36. persuade – πείθω
  37. to get rid of – απαλάσσομαι
  38. chase – κυνηγώ, κυνηγητό
  39. wish – εύχομαι, ευχή
  40. reunite – απανενώνω, συμφιλιώνω
  41. step-father – πατριός
  42. initially – αρχικά
  43. thrilled – ενθουσιασμένος
  44. attitude – συμπεριφορά
  45. from bad to worse – από το κακό στο χειρότερο
  46. depth – βάθος
  47. greedy – άπληστος
  48. ordinary – κανονικός, συνηθισμένος
  49. foolish – ανόητος
  50. curious – περίεργος
  51. wise – σοφός
  52. peace – ειρήνη
  53. punishment – τιμωρία
  54. improvement – βελτίωση
  55. investment – επένδυση
  56. employment – απασχόληση
  57. teutonic – τευτονικός
  58. immortal – αθάνατος
  59. immature – ανώριμος
  60. from strength to strength – όλο και καλύτερα, όλο και πιο επιτυχής
  61. from head to toe – από την κορυφή ως τα νύχια
  62. from hand to mouth –  όταν κερδίζει κανείς χρήματα μόνο για τα βασικά
  63. prime minister – πρωθυπουργός
  64. mayor –δήμαρχος
  65. headmaster – διευθυντής
  66. flood – πλημμύρα,  πλημμυρίζω
  67. drains – οχετοί
  68. solution – λύση
  69. class president – πρόεδρος τάξης
  70. army – στρατός
  71. football pools – προ -πο
  72. invisible – αόρατος
  73. docks – λιμάνι
  74. rumors – φήμες
  75. spread – απλώνω, εξαπλώνω
  76. valuable – πολύτιμος
  77. severe-looking – που φαίνεται αυστήρος
  78. prefecture – νομαρχία
  79. leaflet – φυλλάδιο
  80. attract tourists – προσελκύω τουρίστες
  81. stand for – αντιπροσωπεύω
  82. agricultural – γεωργικόςαγροτικός
  83. scenic routes – γραφικές διαδρομές

Unit 6                                                                                               Keeping traditions and customs alive

  1. custom – έθιμο
  2. tradition – παράδοση
  3. generation – γενιά
  4. annual celebration – ετήσιος εορτασμός
  5. hallow  =  saint – άγιος
  6. eve – παραμονή
  7. dress up – μεταμφιέζομαι
  8. ghost – φάντασμα
  9. spirit – πνεύμα
  10. knock on the door – χτυπάω την πόρτα
  11. trick or treat – πείραγμα ή κέρασμα
  12. pumpkin – κολοκύθα
  13. frighten away – τρομάζω, διώχνω μακριά
  14. bonfire – φωτιά στο ύπαιθρο
  15. rule – κυριαρχία, διακυβέρνηση
  16. join the army – πάω στο στρατό
  17. defend – υπερασπίζομαι
  18. affair – υπόθεση
  19. bride – νύφη
  20. groom – bridegroom – γαμπρός
  21. effigy – είδωλο, ομοίωμα
  22. gunpowder – μπαρούτι
  23. treason - προδοσία
  24. plot – πλοκή, συνωμοσία
  25. torture – βασανίζω
  26. straw – άχυρο
  27. procession – πομπή, λιτανεία, παρέλαση

Unit 7                                                                                                                             Shades of meaning

  1. century- αιώνας
  2. mood – διάθεση
  3. emotions – συναισθήματα
  4. balance – ισορροπία, ισορροπώ
  5. scheme – σχέδιο, πλάνο ενεργειών
  6. classy – κομψός
  7. associate – συσχετίζω, συνδέω
  8. mature – ώριμος
  9. silk – μετάξι
  10. quality – ποιότητα, ιδιότητα, προσόν
  11. loyalty – πίστη
  12. religion- θρησκεία
  13. aggressive – επιθετικός
  14. creative – δημιουργικός
  15. optimism – αισιοδοξία
  16. reflect – αντανακλώ
  17. depression – κατάθλιψη
  18. shy away – αποφεύγω
  19. hue – απόχρωση
  20. to be on the go – είμαι στο πόδι
  21. have a go – κάνω προσπάθεια, δοκιμάζω
  22. inspiration –  έμπνευση
  23. food industry – βιομηχανία τροφίμων
  24. exploit – εκμεταλλέυομαι
  25. ensure – διασφαλίζω
  26. comparatively – συγκριτικά
  27. universal – παγκόσμιος
  28. eyebrows – φρύδια
  29. lashes – βλεφαρίδες
  30. pure – αγνός, καθαρός
  31. in isolation – σε απομόνωση
  32. hair dye – βαφή μαλλιών
  33. individuality – ιδιαιτερότητα, προσωπικότητα,    ατομικότητα
  34. behaviour – συμπεριφορά
  35. prevent – εμποδίζω
  36. penalize – τιμωρώ
  37. regulations – κανονισμοί
  38. affect – επηρεάζω